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Global Gemstones Solutions

Gemstones are objects that inspire some of the greatest human emotions: love, commitment, beauty, power. To maintain this alluring image it is vital that these products be sourced ethically and responsibly. We partner with firms in the mining, manufacturing and distribution sectors to create business models that capitalize on ethically sound business practices.

Our extensive expertise in the diamond and jewelry business begins in the laboratory setting. From there we have partnered with companies and industry bodies to establish new labs globally. By leveraging our extensive knowledge of the world inside the gemstone we create new business ventures in the world outside the gemstone. Our clients come from five continents and we have traveled the world with sophisticated equipment as cultural ambassadors of the jewelry trade.


​​DTC DiamondSure, Sarin Dia-Mension Dia-Vision and Advisor software, and optical microscope.

The ideas that power the future are built in sustainability. Environmentally aware and sustainable gem sourcing techniques are vitally important to the jewelry business in the 21st Century. Maximizing profits while minimizing environmental impacts is possible with new technology and sourcing techniques.​Our talents begin with on-the-ground expertise in mining and gem planning. Maximizing rough yield is one aspect of this “green wave” sweeping through the industry. Let our Sarin™ equipment guide your stones to become the most brilliant they possibly can be. Let us grow your business vision together and build a brighter industry. Services may also include building infrastructure such as learning facilities or providing expert equipment designed to make your business grow. Our flexible programs offer customizable packages for any business.We aim to uphold these ideals in all our business partnerships. Inquire how our unique programs can help your business grow.

Eitan Tashey meeting with Ambassador Akbar Ahmed after defending his graduate thesis in 2012.

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