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About Us

Originally established in 1980, we have been servicing the jewelry industry as expert gemologists for nearly 40 years. Our company prides itself on high quality standards and integrity. Those standards have been the key to our longevity. We are a reliable source for fast, consistent and accurate grading reports of quality that are used to determine the value of gemstones.​

Our Team

Tom Tashey Jr., GG, FGA


A pioneer in the field of color nomenclature Tom has written extensively on the topic and has been published in numerous peer reviewed industry journals. Tom is an expert diamond grader with more than 40 years of experience in the field.

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Tom Tashey at the Navy Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC in May 2012.
Myriam Tashey


A former president of the Midwest chapter of Women's Jewelry Association, Myriam has tirelessly promoted professional development in the industry. From participating in mentoring programs to teaching courses to the next generation of jewelry professionals, Myriam has been an industry leader through her poise and expertise.

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Myriam Tashey decorating the "Million Dollar Tree" in the Mallers Building in December, 2012.
T. Eitan Tashey, GG

Eitan is fascinated by the global dimension of the gem and jewelry industry. This fascination inspired him to pursue a Master's degree in international relations. He specializes in gemstone inclusion analysis. 

Eitan Tashey meeting with Ambassador Akbar Ahmed after completing his thesis earlier in 2012.
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