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 At PGSL we value empowering the next generation of jewelry professionals with the skills to be successful in a competitive industry. We offer short, intensive courses at flexible hours to best accommodate working students.


Call today to discuss times and book single or group classes!

Learn the skills you need to be a knowledgeable diamond professional. Courses range from introductory level to the advanced, and specialize in all aspects of the diamond industry. Find out the latest information on the newest gem treatments such as the internal laser drill method (KM laser drilling). Our signature specialty is the study of color science. Learn about all our courses that are offered throughout the year.

The global gem industry is a dynamic and evolving place. These classes are designed to equip student with the skills to succeed in an evolving industry. Classes focus on building the ability to differentiate between types of gemstones. Significant time is dedicated to examining the difference between natural gems and their synthetic counterparts. Courses are designed to make students knowledgeable on the techniques necessary to make these distinctions while building trade knowledge pertaining to global gemstone producing centers, mining and manufacturing, and business ethics.


Details: Courses are conducted in downtown Chicago and are offered during either the day-time and evenings for the convenience of the student. Courses are conducted by two industry veterans and class sizes are restricted to a maximum of fifteen students to assure a high student-to-teacher ratio. PGSL will teach classes wherever there is demand for them. Contact our staff for road course scheduling. 

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