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CZ Color Grading Master Set

CZ Color Grading Master Set

9-stone E to M CZ master set comprised of 6.5-7mm ideal cut CZ's. Our CZ Master comparison stones are all verified for accuracy of color by two graduate gemologists. All stones have their color measured against diamond master stones and are tested for color saturation resiliency. Laser inscribed on each stone is its color grade for ease of use.
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    Limitations: CZ master comparison stones are an excellent way to judge color saturation. Unfortunately, CZ color has a tendency to fade over time. While we guarantee a high quality product, this may happen as a result of long exposures to light, especially UV light. If you notice that your CZ masters begin to fade over the years, please contact us and we will evaluate, note any change that has occurred and replace stones that are no longer suitable as masters. N and Fancy Light Yellow masters are also available upon request for an additional charge.
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